There are three large developments adjacent to Oxford currently being planned.

  1. Land surrounding Oxford Parkway railway station, including the North Oxford Golf Club.
  2. Land opposite the ongoing Barton Fields development outside the East Oxford ring road, called Bayswater Brook.
  3. Land south of Grenoble Road, opposite the Oxford Science Park.

We support building on all three of these sites: the land is either farmed, or in the case of the North Oxford Golf Club artificially landscaped, and so is of low natural value compared to wild land, and all three are well located to permit residents to easily access central Oxford and other employment hubs by bicycle or using public transport, being preferable to building outlying car-commuter homes.

A smaller development is proposed in Iffley Village, the land having been acquired by the City Council to build a mix of houses for social rent and for sale into shared ownership, along with further housing which is presumably for sale at market rate. There has been local opposition, and the land in question is currently wild not farmed, but it is also a prime site within the city and there is plentiful adjoining green space not proposed for development, so we believe providing housing here, particularly social and/or affordable housing, is the greater good.

See our FAQ page for frequently-raised objections to these plans.